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© 2019 Ian Kolaja

Hi, I'm Ian!

I am a senior nuclear engineering student attending University of California, Berkeley. I studied mathematics and chemistry Fullerton College for two years before transferring. At Fullerton, I founded a news broadcasting club and volunteered as a math tutor and mentor for JOYA scholars, a nonprofit determined to deliver students from a low-income community to college. My main passions are engineering, entrepreneurship, and art.

I am doing nuclear physics research with the goal of improving nuclear data and models available using machine learning. I ultimately want to go to grad school and research nuclear fusion in addition to continuing my work with machine learning and modeling.


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I'm often working on large projects in addition to my studies. These endeavors have taken me many places, such as the United Nation Headquarters in New York City. I presented there after I was selected as a finalist in MIT Solve's Carbon Contributions challenges for my team's proposal in methane conversion for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

I also have a passion for art. After discovering filmmaking in high school, I was selected as a finalist for Orange County's Artist of the Year competition. Since then, I have worked film and photography it into my career whenever possible. Specializing in editing and cinematography, my works have earned honors at several different film festivals in Southern California. They often deal with documenting environmental issues, music, and mental health.