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Summer Updates

August 23, 2018

Hey everybody! I have a bunch of exciting updates from my summer. I've uploaded new photos from my trip to Southern California. I also took proof-based Linear Algebra and Modes of Creative Writing at UC Berkeley. In the latter I wrote a critical-personal essay that I'm considering publishing. I spent a lot of time at LBNL helping with an experiment, and I ultimately co-authored a paper titled "First Direct Measurements of Superheavy Element Mass Numbers" by J. M. Gates. This is the first nuclear science paper I have helped with.

Lastly, I enrolled in the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and joined Warrify, a team from Austria. Warrify is an upcoming app that allows users to track and claim their warranties directly from manufacturers, saving retailers, who are the paying subscribers, money on customer service. Warrify was selected as one of the two winners of forty five teams, which were comprised of students from over a dozen different countries. I learned about marketing, developing a business model, and delivering effective pitches while also fostering an innovative mindset. All of this momentum makes me very excited for the Fall 2018 semester.



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